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VR3D Transient 3D Imaging System


Chaowei has the core independent intellectual property rights of human SLR camera array equipment, and can provide customers with a full set of hardware, software and algorithm equipment solutions. The unique control system and modular design ensure better stability and maintainability of the system.

We provide equipment and service support for many domestic film and television post-production effects studios, fashion advertising visual studios, game production companies, AI artificial intelligence companies, and higher education institutions.

VR3D SuperCapture Re-Lighting and Face PBR material scanning modeling equipment

SuperCapture heavy lighting and face PBR material scanning modeling equipment (LightStage) developed specifically for the game, film and television, CG industry applications, can efficiently capture, process, generate pore-level 3D models of the human face, and through the software algorithm directly obtain the physical-based rendering (PBR) materials and maps (Normal map, Diffuse Map, Roughness Map, Specular Map).

VR3D 4D facial expression dynamic capture system

4D facial expression capture system, using high-speed synchronous camera array system, collects high frame rate (60fps) 3D dynamic model data of human face, which can realize the capture of micro-expressions of human face and digital character expression drive.

The system can be applied to digital actors and digital characters for high-precision expression capture and 4D face database acquisition and research. Compared with traditional face tracking methods, this system achieves model-to-model driving by establishing a consistent topology with high-precision digital face assets, preserving every face detail to the maximum extent and greatly improving the expressiveness of digital people.

Scanning Services

By Chaowei's independent research and development, own various types of equipment, can provide you with 3D high-precision scanning, PBR material scanning, 4D facial scanning and other specialized customization services

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  • Scene Scan Data Service

    Scene Scan Data Service

    - Vertical Aerial Mapping Services

    - Inclined Aerial Mapping Services

    - UAV Scanning Services

    - Scanning Data Processing Services



Developed by Chaowei and collected by its own equipment, it can provide you with full-body 3D character datasets, character head and face datasets, character relighting datasets and other datasets (object 3D model datasets, Lidar scene datasets, CG composite character scene datasets), and support custom datasets

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  • Other data sets

    Other data sets

    - Object 3D model dataset

    - Lidar scene dataset

    - CG composite character scene dataset

Frequently Asked Questions

—  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will have someone to answer them for you!

Q: What can Super Dimension provide for me?

A:Super Dimension can provide you with complete sets of equipment for super-realistic digital and peripheral digital asset scanning as well as customized equipment solutions. Based on the various types of equipment built and held by Chaowei, we can provide services including full body (clothing) 3D scanning of human body, FACS facial scanning, 4D dynamic scanning of human face, etc. At the same time, we have built various kinds of datasets such as full body human body, face FACS expression, 4D dynamic data, OLAT Relighting, etc., and continue to collect and enrich the existing datasets, we also provide customized dataset collection services.

Q: What are the advantages of Super Dimension?

A: Super Dimension team has focused on the research and development of 3D reconstruction technology for the human body and surrounding digital assets since 2013, and has formed a complete technical equipment system containing 3D static human body, 4D dynamic human body, PBR material scanning and Relighting heavy lighting, object scanning, scene scanning, etc. We can provide mature, stable and high-quality equipment, as well as equipment-based scanning services and data sets.

Our core strengths are:

1. a stable technical R&D team that has focused on the field for more than 10 years;

2, hardware systems, software and algorithms fully self-developed, more complete product technology integration;

3, rich professional experience and industry knowledge, can provide customized equipment, component solutions and technical services.

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