VR3D 4D facial expression dynamic capture system

4D facial expression capture system, using high-speed synchronous camera array system, collects high frame rate (60fps) 3D dynamic model data of human face, which can realize the capture of micro-expressions of human face and digital character expression drive. The system can be customized to extend to full body, half body, local and other dynamic capture applications.

The system can be applied to digital actors and digital characters for high-precision expression capture and 4D face database acquisition and research. Compared with traditional face tracking methods, this system achieves model-to-model driving by establishing a consistent topology with high-precision digital face assets, preserving every face detail to the maximum extent and greatly improving the expressiveness of digital people.

High frame rate dynamic 3D model capture

4D facial expression capture system, using high-speed synchronous camera array system to capture high frame rate (60fps) 3D dynamic model data of human face, which can realize the capture of facial micro-expressions and digital character expression drive.

Point-and-click software control

The system provides us-level camera synchronization for modular design. Expression-driven applications for all major mainstream 3D software (Maya Unity 3D UE).

Generate files with high adaptability

FaceCapture 4D control software, clickable interaction, no complicated program writing process. Stable hardware system performance and reliable software realize long time continuous acquisition and data storage without frame loss.

High precision shooting

High-precision shooting improves the expressiveness of digital people by creating a consistent topology with high-precision digital face assets to maximize the preservation of every face detail.

The system has a fault-tolerant design for various unexpected situations, which can be accurately located and alarmed in various unexpected situations such as camera loading and line failure, and has a series of fault response measures.

High fault-tolerant design

Cooperation Case Show

Case Studies




Technical Specifications

All major mainstream 3D software (MayaUnity 3D UE) expression-driven applications  Single 3D model face number up to 500~1 million faces

Aluminum composite profile structure

Camera matching industrial camera lens

Controlled synchronous lighting system left, middle and right face uniform  constant lighting

Electric lifting structure

With actor prompt display

25mm focal length C-mount interface

Lighting frequency adjustable, brightness adjustable

Exposure time 350us

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will have someone to answer them for you!

Q: What are the uses and differences between these types of equipment?

A: BodyCapture system is mainly used for static, high-precision 3D reconstruction, and the device outputs high-precision obj geometry models as well as color mapping with uniform lighting.

PerformanceCapture system is mainly used for dynamic, high frame rate 4D scan reconstruction, the device can output high frame rate model dynamic sequences, after the subsequent process can output high detail animation drive data. The device can also be used for volumetric video capture.

The SuperCapture system is mainly used for static, ultra-high precision, model and material scan modeling with PBR material optical resolution. The device outputs ultra-high precision geometric models and PBR material mapping (Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Roughness, etc.). At the same time, the device can also collect OLAT data for LOOKDEV development, and Relighting heavy lighting research.

Super Dimension can provide full body devices covering the full body scanning range of the human body, and also head devices covering the range of the human head and face. We also provide solutions for the integration of these devices with each other.

Q: What are the advantages of the Super Dimension device?

A: Chaowei builds the whole series of equipment as complete and mature products, rather than the assembly of parts and system integration. Therefore, the core hardware, control system, software and algorithms of the equipment are all developed and completed by Chaowei independently, and the software, hardware and algorithms are highly integrated and integrated with each other, thus guaranteeing the stability, operability and high-quality modeling results of the overall system of the equipment.

In the production process, we insist on completing the production test of parts and components, the installation and interconnection of the whole machine and the strict factory test of the whole machine at our own site, and then packaged and shipped to the customer site according to the module, so as to ensure the fast and reliable installation at the site and the stable and controllable product quality as well as the best equipment data output effect.

At the same time, we have built a professional data processing and data production application team, which can provide technical training and technical support services for equipment generation data processing and application.

Q: How do I order equipment? What is the delivery process like?

A: We provide several standard models of equipment for customers to choose, at the same time, you can contact us by phone to provide specific technical requirements and application needs description, by our professional team to provide you with suitable equipment configuration suggestions.

After both parties sign the contract, we will complete the production test of the equipment components and the installation and commissioning of the whole equipment at our own site, and after passing the strict factory test, we will contact you to determine the specific delivery and on-site installation and commissioning schedule. We provide on-site installation and commissioning of the whole system, and provide professional training services on equipment use and data processing, as well as professional and responsive after-sales support.

Q: What are the space requirements for the site when installing the equipment?

A: General head equipment needs 3m*3m to 4m*4.5m equipment installation and operation space, the whole body equipment needs 5m*5m to 6m*7m equipment installation and operation space, different equipment has different environmental layout requirements, we will provide the complete equipment environmental layout requirements document for your reference to prepare the site.

Q: What is the lead time for the delivery of the equipment?

A: Depending on different equipment configurations, the normal equipment production delivery lead time is 30~50 working days.

Q: Can the equipment be customized?

A: We can provide customized supply of equipment according to your special requirements, such as special scanning objects (animals, insect specimens, plants and other special applications) and application scenarios (vehicle-mounted, removable stands, etc.).

Customized Projects

Whether you need a full body or head camera array device, we can provide a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Call or email inquiries are very welcome!

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