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4D performance capture is used by many high-end studios because it can capture every millimeter of the actor's facial movements. For a long time, this technology has been a service mainly provided by a few vendors.

R3DS Wrap4D and R3DS Track offer a simple, efficient and controlled way to handle your company's 4D sequences.

R3DS Track

R3DS Track is standalone software for tracking markers and detecting facial features. It brings all the labor-intensive work into 2D space so you don't have to clean up the model in 3D.

The appearance of the skin can change dramatically during the presentation. By using Track markers, it is possible to wrap even very extreme expressions. r3ds Track provides both generic and personalized detectors to Track lip and eyelid contours. You can train the personalized detector by giving it a set of manually annotated frames to achieve an exceptional level of accuracy.

R3DS Wrap4D

R3DS Wrap4D is an extended version of Wrap, designed specifically for 4D processing. It takes as input a sequence of texture 3D scans and generates as output a sequence of meshes with a consistent topology.

The solution includes 12 new nodes. The core of the pipeline is the facialwrapped node, which combines the functionality of the node with the results of the lip and eyelid detectors. The idea behind this is to provide valid results that do not require collation.

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