Full body 3D character dataset

Contains a large number of full-body 3D scan model data, thousands of poses of full-body scan datasets, which can be custom purchased according to your needs. Support custom data set collection.

The number of elements is large, filterable and rich in poses, containing data on characters of different scenes, ages and styles.

Available data content:

30,000 / 100,000 surface OBJ format model

JPG texture mapping of 8K / 16K pixels;

Mask mapping for dividing different material areas of the model.

Multi-pose, costume, modeling data

Multi-pose, dress, shape


Multi-geographic, ethnic and skin color data

Other areas

China (multi-ethnic styling)

Multi-age distribution data

Older middle-aged youth


Multi-scene character modeling






Sample data

30,000-sided / 100,000-sided models

Texture mapping and normal mapping in 8K / 16K

Mask mapping for dividing different material areas of the model









Character head and face dataset

- Neutral Expressions Dataset (Natural Hair Styles)

- Facial Expression Coding (FACS) dataset

- 4D facial dynamic expression dataset

Neutral expression dataset

Facial expression coding (FACS) dataset

4D facial dynamic expression dataset


Character Relighting dataset

A dataset containing hundreds of character re-lighting sequence images, which can be custom purchased to suit your needs.

Full Body/Half Body Relighting (OLAT Relighting) Dataset

Head and Face Relighting (OLAT Relighting) Dataset

Other data sets

Object 3D model dataset

Lidar scene dataset

CG composite character scene dataset

Object 3D model dataset

Lidar scenario dataset

CG composite character scene dataset

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will have someone to answer them for you!

Q: What is the purpose of the dataset?

A: We do not limit the scope of use of the dataset. It can be used for both model rendering for art applications, model reference, and model libraries for rendering engines, and for AI model training for large data volume requirements, such as AIGC, etc.

Q: Will there be any copyright issues with the model data in the dataset?

A: We have full ownership and copyright of the dataset. Our models are contracted and have a clear and unambiguous license to use the data.

Q: How does the dataset ordering process work?

A: You can contact us to provide a list of dataset models and shop based on the list. You can either select specific models from the dataset to purchase or purchase the dataset in bulk packages.

Q: Can I customize the data?

A: We can provide custom data set collection and processing and data labeling services, we build a professional data collection and processing labeling team, can provide you with high-quality, reliable data services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customized Projects

Whether you need a full body or heavy lighting dataset, we can provide a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Call or email inquiries are very welcome!

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