Service Overview: Jiaxing Chaowei is based on its self-developed VR3D instantaneous 3D imaging system-BodyCapture. By the professional 3D data scanning team, we provide you with full body 3D data scanning and processing services.

Service equipment parameters: 159 Canon SLR cameras, compatible with various postures such as standing, A-Pose, sitting, lying, jumping, etc. Enhanced accuracy for face and hand area models.

Services available:

Full Body 3D Scanning Service

Scanning equipment location: Beijing, Zhejiang Jiaxing

High-precision original models with three million faces or higher;

High-precision original model restoration services;

Model face count optimization, topology, and binding;

Texture mapping of 8K/6K pixels;

Mask mapping for dividing different material areas of the model.

Support high complexity modeling scanning

High-precision scanning of complex Beijing opera costumes, and the ability to complete the production of character movement binding and 3D animation

Support a variety of complex human posture scanning

Our shooting, debugging experience, can meet the model standing, A-Pose, sitting, lying down and a variety of posture shooting

Ability to capture the model's momentary pose

Super Dimensional BodyCapture system, in capturing the model's instantaneous body movements more advantageous, within 20 milliseconds to complete the capture of character dynamics

Support various fabric apparel scanning

Can provide high precision optical model data, and high resolution model mapping. Supports scanning of various fabrics.

Service Overview: Jiaxing Super Dimension is based on self-developed VR3D SuperCapture heavy lighting and face PBR material scanning and modeling equipment, by a professional 3D data scanning team, to provide you with head and face ultra-high precision 3D scanning and modeling and physical photometry-based solution of high-resolution, exquisitely detailed facial PBR material mapping data.

Service equipment parameters: better than 0.05mm resolution photometric solution PBR material mapping, 1 second to complete the acquisition, 149 high color rendering index three polarization light channel independent controllable light source, 56 canon SLR camera.

Ultra-high precision head and face scanning service

Services available:

High-precision original models with 10 million or more sides;

High-precision original model restoration services;

Model face count optimization, model topology;

OLAT and LookDev reference data;

8K/16K pixel PBR mapping. Including Diffuse/Normal/Specular/Roughness/displacement, etc.

Scanning equipment location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang

HD PBR face scan original image

Super Dimensional LightStage system, with more advantages in lighting and camera layout, can generate HD PBR face mapping

Ultra HD Displacement map

Ultra-dimensional LightStage system with advanced algorithms to get ultra-high definition face replacement mapping

Original size details show

8K/16K pixel texture mapping

81928192 / 1638416384 pixels

8K/16K pixel texture mapping

81928192 / 1638416384 pixels

Rich model features

High-resolution polygon model

4D facial expression dynamic acquisition service

Jiaxing Chaowei provides you with facial 4D dynamic data scanning service based on its self-developed VR3D 4D facial expression dynamic capture system by professional 3D data scanning team.

Compared with traditional face tracking methods, this system achieves model-to-model driving by establishing a consistent topology with high-precision digital face assets, preserving every face detail to the maximum extent and greatly improving the expressiveness of digital people.

Services available:

24-view, 12-megapixel, 60fps motion picture and high-quality synchronized audio data;

High precision model sequence data and rigid alignment;

Customer-defined UV topology for model sequence re-topology processing;

Customizable points of facial data drive output.

HD face 4D facial expression dynamic acquisition

Super Dimension 4D facial expression dynamic capture system, compared to the traditional facial capture method is clearer, more able to capture the subtle changes in expression



Scene Scan Data Service

Services available:    

Service Overview: Service Overview: Based on multi-view aerial camera, we can provide aerial photography service according to user's demand, by professional 3D data scanning team.

Service equipment parameters: 90mm top tilt camera; 1.8x tilt lens ration; 150 million effective pixels of a single lens.

Vertical aerial mapping services;

Inclined aerial mapping services;

UAV scanning services;

Scanning data processing services.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will have someone to answer them for you!

Q: What is the process of the service?

A: Requirement confirmation - Shooting preparation - Model shooting - Model processing - Feedback.

Q: Where can I get the service? Can I come to my home for scanning?

A: At present, we have built scanning facilities in Jiaxing, Zhejiang (about 30 minutes high speed train journey or about 1 hour driving distance from Shanghai and Hangzhou); Beijing, and have set up a professional scanning service team to provide scanning and data processing services to the outside world.

In general, we recommend that you come to our fixed site to complete the scanning, which will greatly save the cost of scanning costs. At the same time, in special demand scenarios, we can also provide equipment installation scanning services at home.

Q: Is it possible to provide other production services besides scanning services?

A: In addition to providing scanning and data processing services for digital assets, we can also provide complete digital human building services (including scanning, restoration processing, topology, full body and face binding, and full body and face capture driving and content generation). We can also provide VR and AR application environment display and interactive system development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customized Projects

Whether you need full-body or head scanning services, we can provide custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Call or email inquiries are very welcome!

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